Friday, September 11, 2009

Mr. Black and Mr. White

Every person’s mind is partitioned in two compartments. I call it Mr. Black and Mr. White. How a person’s personality is developed depends on the dominance of one of the compartment over another. Mr. Black is the one who is all bad, thinks bad, engulfed with pleasures which supposedly have a bad affect on oneself. Mr. Good is the one who thinks right, knows what is just. He has all the right knowledge and right thinking process.
The degree of mixture of these two personalities determines how well a person behaves or conducts him/her. For majority Mr. Black has dominance over Mr. White.
How Success depends on the degree of this mixture?
We all know what is right for us? What we shall be doing? Yet we don’t perform those actions. Why? Mr. White is a feeble. On the other hand, Mr. Black has an attractiveness, which our mind clings to. We behave like a mouse following the Pide Piper in Mr. Black. The dominance of Mr. White is the secret of achieving whatever one wants to achieve.
But Mr. B is a very powerful fellow. What are his aides? Our desires, fancies and whims. Mr W has nothing as an aide. His sole aide is Will-Power which in itself is miniscule in comparison to Mr. B’s aides. So, the battle is always won by Mr. B. But what makes Mr. W win in certain situations over Mr. B? Some incident, some trigger which makes Mr. W so powerful that makes Mr B a nobody. The trigger is the catalyst for Mr. W.
One needs to magnify Mr W. How? Simply following what he preaches. It’s tough. So, how to make it simple? By simultaneously feeding to Mr. B’s demands. Continuously reducing the supply to Mr. B’s demands. Abruptly stopping supply to Mr. B’s demand would not be fruitful in the longer run. Mr. B is a demon. One fine day you will be back to being servile to Mr. B. One needs to make fool of Mr. B by continuously reducing the supply as said earlier. Later at some point of time Mr. B will die its natural death. It might take a longer time but it will happen. Without a trigger event, I believe this is the best way to change the dominance dynamics.