Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The truth of Life.

The blatant truth of life is that it always gives you a chance to stand up and reconstruct your hopes , your dreams whenever you fall. Its up to an individual that he/she wants to grab that opportunity back or just keep on blaspheming the bad time he/she has suffered.
There are two kind of people in this world. You can classify them as winners or loosers, optimist or pessimist. The former always have the propensity to grab the so called opportunity and mould it as a ladder to thier path of success whereas the latter always enjoy avoiding such scenarios.

The pessimist believes in things like fate and are largely driven by the concepts of luck and destiny. The optimist on the other hand believes in creating the fate and destiny with their own hands. They beleive in shaping up their future with thier own skills and capabilities.

The optimist always say "After dark there is always light ... after the night there is always a day", the pessemist argues "So What! there will be night again when the sun sets" for which the optimist replies "While in the light arrange for the candles for the darkness which is bound to come..." .

The winning streak of the optimists is a result of this attitude of them which makes them stand apart from the crowd of pessimists.