Sunday, April 5, 2009

Whats missing?

It was past midnight. I was lying on my bed staring at the fan blades whirlpooling.
There was an absence of even an iota of sleep in my eyes and I started pondering over how sleep in general has been missing in my life since ages. I reverted back on my childhood days when I used to doze off as soon as I jumped to bed. It was truly instantaneous and now I need to count sheep. Life is different, I concluded and then again I started doing the root-cause analysis. I concluded that during childhood days, Life was much more fun. Be it at school or not, everything done was pure out of passion and not of necessity. Now one’s activities are an outcome of ones necessity.
And there was much more fun in recreational activities. Simple trivial tasks like finding a nice, polished and shining stone and assuming it to be some precious emerald and then digging a hole in your backyard and hiding that stone inside it with your fingernails fully coated with mud and you enjoying the joy of digging thin coarse dry mud. The feel of the mud, I can still feel it in my hands. That was pure, pristine joy.

I concluded that during childhood, one used to have a regular exhaustive physical activity which used to keep one busy both physically and mentally. Be it wandering on your bicycle or playing different kind of games or exploring new places in the vicinity. Each activity was fun. Now I do not possess a regime of something exhausting. Neither do I have a hobby which I can pursue in general. I have friends who keep telling me that how boring life has become. Almost everyone is in a pessimistic mode of living each single day with fulfilling his or her desire but not being happy at the core.
I am also one of them. I thought I should really have some recreational activity through which I could channel out my creative thoughts and energy. Then I thought what kind of activity I can pursue. I thought about different things and then it suddenly struck my mind that I have a nice camera with me. Why not click some pictures? I took my camera and clicked some pictures. Though the picture proved to be a first-timer’s effort, It did really give me an immense feeling of joy. The kind of joy which I felt when I could see, from the corner of my eye, my friend’s hiding place when we used to play hide and seek and I had to find them. The joy which I used to feel while going long rides of cycling with my colony friends. The joy which I felt while writing for the first time with a pen at the start of my 6th standard.
I am hereby posting some of those snaps. Though, they are of zero artistic value but behind the portrait lies the essence of joy.