Monday, March 8, 2010

God - Still Uncomprehended.

How do theists maintain their belief in God? God’s existence has not been proven. When someone is highly confused about a situation in his life, he thinks of God as the last resort. Then what happens? Does a belief in God charges up his mind and he’s able to find a way out of that troublesome situation? So is it the invisible power of God which makes him realize a probable solution to that problem or just by trusting God his mind is free from stress and thus he is able to find out a solution.

So is belief in God more of a mental healing than a divine entity? That’s why they say that a Doctor is like a God, though the doctor gets the illness rid out of you but in the former case when you rely on God your mood changes, it relaxes and then you are able to craft out a solution. Isn’t it similar to someone else doing some work for you?

Most of the people remember God only in troublesome situation or at the time of daily prayer. Then why do some religious fanatics pray for all day long? Is the relationship with God a tool to remove the ever present loneliness each human being possesses? One always feels lonely at some level because of exclusivity of his thoughts which he can’t share with even the closest person in his life. And thoughts if kept inside ferment aggressively. So, to share those thoughts, is God just a medium. Or when he speaks to himself is he talking to God. Is that the reason they say that God resides within us?

God has always been a mystery and will always be.