Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Likes, Dislikes and Time

Each person has his own set of likings. One would like listening to rock music, eat at a roadside food stall and have an outing at a crowded place. Another would love listening to soft instrumentals, eat at calm and secluded place. What drives our likings? Why someone likes a particular thing and dislikes other? What causes someone to like something? Is the reason scientific? Probably the psychologists would reason that but by thinking on this matter on an alternate plane, one can infer that every entity is liked by someone. So, nothing is good and evil. If one can manoeuvre one’s brain mechanism of liking and disliking wouldn’t all things seem to be so fine and one would feel so much of goodness happening around oneself.

Isn’t that when one dislikes or disregards something, one is giving that entity the same intensity of thought, emotion, time and energy and in return obtains a bad state of mood. If one is giving so much, in return shouldn’t one get the benefits proportionately? Is man a fool then? Or is he flooded by his negative thoughts to such an extent that his prudence judgement becomes defunct? The devil side of the brain is the man’s worst enemy.

Suppose you give ten minutes of your time to think about someone/thing whom/which you dislike. In return you are in a bad mood. Also, your physical health might get affected though it could not be visible. Alternatively if you would have invested these ten minutes in something which makes you feel happy, you would have got so much in return. I randomly point out some of the tasks which would make me feel happy and which could be completed within a ten minute period:

• Listening to two of your current favourite tracks – it always cheers you up (unless you haven’t just broken off a relationship and listening to sad numbers)
• Having an ice-cream
• Googling some mind-boggling article
• Watching some interesting video on youtube
• Sprinting for 10 mins
And many more... the list is endless, depends on one’s choice.

It all depends on how one invests his time. Time is money they say. So, investing it in the right scheme will reap the right benefits for you. So, if one is concerned about money why not time?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mr. Black and Mr. White

Every person’s mind is partitioned in two compartments. I call it Mr. Black and Mr. White. How a person’s personality is developed depends on the dominance of one of the compartment over another. Mr. Black is the one who is all bad, thinks bad, engulfed with pleasures which supposedly have a bad affect on oneself. Mr. Good is the one who thinks right, knows what is just. He has all the right knowledge and right thinking process.
The degree of mixture of these two personalities determines how well a person behaves or conducts him/her. For majority Mr. Black has dominance over Mr. White.
How Success depends on the degree of this mixture?
We all know what is right for us? What we shall be doing? Yet we don’t perform those actions. Why? Mr. White is a feeble. On the other hand, Mr. Black has an attractiveness, which our mind clings to. We behave like a mouse following the Pide Piper in Mr. Black. The dominance of Mr. White is the secret of achieving whatever one wants to achieve.
But Mr. B is a very powerful fellow. What are his aides? Our desires, fancies and whims. Mr W has nothing as an aide. His sole aide is Will-Power which in itself is miniscule in comparison to Mr. B’s aides. So, the battle is always won by Mr. B. But what makes Mr. W win in certain situations over Mr. B? Some incident, some trigger which makes Mr. W so powerful that makes Mr B a nobody. The trigger is the catalyst for Mr. W.
One needs to magnify Mr W. How? Simply following what he preaches. It’s tough. So, how to make it simple? By simultaneously feeding to Mr. B’s demands. Continuously reducing the supply to Mr. B’s demands. Abruptly stopping supply to Mr. B’s demand would not be fruitful in the longer run. Mr. B is a demon. One fine day you will be back to being servile to Mr. B. One needs to make fool of Mr. B by continuously reducing the supply as said earlier. Later at some point of time Mr. B will die its natural death. It might take a longer time but it will happen. Without a trigger event, I believe this is the best way to change the dominance dynamics.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We celebrate pain.

Humans celebrate pain. We love cherishing our pain, sorrow and grievance in our subconscious state of mind. Even a love story turns out to be great when it is about unrequited love. Why one loves to be in pain? I believe sorrow, as an emotion, needs to be shared while happiness can be cherished all alone. Sharing our sorrows, pain with someone makes us feel wanted. Bad times and bad situation makes the bonding between two people stronger. Sharing happiness doesn’t create the same effect.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Time is an illusion.

I visited a shop which deals with different brands of watch and clock. One of my friend had to get his watch repaired. He was busy in getting his watch repaired and i was curiously introspecting all the clocks at the shop. I was intrigued by the visual and i could see a lot of time infront of me. I got engulfed in my thoughts about time and what it really means. How it affects us? I observed that TIME does NOT exist. One says TIME is the fourth dimension but there is actually no such thing as TIME.TIME originated because of the natural phenomena of MOTION. We derive and quantify time on the basis of the revolution of earth. Earth revolves and thus we've managed to define time. So the things which defines everything are matter,space and MOTION. MATTER when goes MOBILE(read motion) creates time. So the fourth dimension has to be mobility.And so TIME is an illusion. Though i had a lot of time to ponder over this thought and that too being immobile.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mam! we have this unique package to offer you..... Sorry not interested

Today, is the day, I guess i won’t ever forget in my life. As a part of a business exercise, we were supposed to go to Koregaon Park and find a job for ourselves with a minimum emolument of 150 bucks. We were formed into a team of two. Me and my group member, Anitha formed a group. We had a restriction that we had to commute only by taking lift-rides.
So, the day began. We just went out and realized there are 30 odd groups searching for a lift in a car. How the hell would we be able to get the lift man!! Suddenly i realized that we can go separately on bikes. Luckily we had a scooty halting at our side and i asked Anitha to go as further as she can. Within a second i got a lift too but that was for an intermediary stop. I was looking for a second lift when this cool dude came on his bajaj avenger. Long hair, stubble and loose jeans. I rode pillion. We were chatting about this and that suddenly he raised his speed and was driving at 100-110 ferociously. I closed my eyes. I said “Either i am reaching Koregaon park today or I am gonna be in a park where God must be going for a jog”. Finally i reached KP as God was too busy to go for a jog ;). And soon came Anitha.
The day being Sunday, the KP was closed completely. Now this is gonna be one hell of a task. I felt. So, now our day started and we went to each and every damn shop/organisations/kirana shops/ beauty clinics/ medical shops/ real estates/ broking services/ call centres and etc. We were getting continuous rejection but our enthusiasm didn’t die. Here i would list all the places where we went to ask for a job.
Kaya Skin Clinc
Facetoface dental clinic
Pizza hut.
Keune hair salon
Astha Realtors
Shelters property consultants
Chand placement consultants.
Ryan interiors.
Club Mahindra holidays
And finally the destination ...our employer ‘The Nun’. Prior to our getting a job, every where we looked out for, I had the same dialogue every time. “Good morning sir! We are students, We are looking for a job for a day . We can offer promotional services for your organisation, or a survey to be done, or any in house jobs or any other job if you have”. Every other guy said i don’t have the authority or you will have to speak to our manager who was no where to be found.
Chand placement service had an interesting case to offer. The sir at the organisation stated he had no jobs to offer and started cribbing about how there is a scarcity of jobs in the market. He was busy in bulshitting the IT sector for being the cause. And we were already running out of time. Politely i said, ‘Thanks sir for giving us your precious time’. Though it was the other way round ;).
Finally we landed at the NUN clothes shop and we were employed. They had a unique offer which they explained to us. And our job was to get the forms filled up for them defining how good the offer was. I formed a dialogue again”Mam! Can i have a minute of yours. We are from NUNs and we are offering this offer where in .....this and thai...this and that ...”. We heard numerous rejections.
The multiplex authority got annoyed with us and we were not supposed to provide any services inside the building. We moved outside and were just running from adlabs to the bridge near by to the road ahead of kalyani veg looking for females who could help us in achieving our targets.
Finally we were able to make around 40 members for the NUNs with me just on a breakfast and Anitha just on a glass of water(Kudos for that!! )
I really appreciated the way Anitha performed, riding pillion doning a saree, taking a lift independently in a car. Kudos to her.
Finally we came back and my legs are paining like hell. AND we have an assignment to complete.
I am loving this.

PS: Above is the pic of our workplace for a day. The Nuns
from Left to right: Rekha(staff), Nilofer(Nun staff), Anitha, Me

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What if God did not EXIST?

God is the source of motivation, hope and inspiration for many. God is the overseer of the entire universe, believes many. God has played a prominent role in the transition of man from homo sapiens to human beings. One always believes in the very much existence of God, assuming one to be a ‘theist’. But what if God did not exist at all? All the theists believe in the God as managing the life circle. Hinduism preaches of 64 renascences in different forms. There is a common saying among the masses “Iss janam mein nahi toh agle janam mein pakka apni galtiyon ki sazza bhugtega…”. What if there is really no any agla-janam, no reincarnation. A person dies and no soul is evacuated from his body. The death is purely scientific and the person’s brain is dead. What could be the aftermath going in his mind.

I painted a very imaginative picture in my cerebellum with brushes of my fancies.
Let’s say a person dies and there is NO soul which is evacuated from his body. But there is a small iota of energy which emanates from the body. Let’s call it ‘ZETA’. Now ZETA is traveling upwards with the hope of getting reincarnated. The ZETA has very small memory too. ZETA goes on traveling upwards which is purely scientific. But ZETA finds nothing. What he finds is only vast and never ending universe. Planets, stars, galaxies after galaxies- a never ending sequence of space. Much like the scene in The Matrix Revolutions where Neo runs out of the platform just to enter the same platform from the other end.

What would ZETA be feeling in such a situation? Frightened, Confused, Tired? What if he realized that there is no GOD. What if it’s proved that there is really no GOD and life is full of rationale and logic. There is no almighty who’s supposed to control our lives and there is nothing post death. Absolutely nothing. ZILCH.

As the God’s existence has not been proved so has been his non-existence. At least the dilemma helps one have a feeble hope amidst battering times.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Whats missing?

It was past midnight. I was lying on my bed staring at the fan blades whirlpooling.
There was an absence of even an iota of sleep in my eyes and I started pondering over how sleep in general has been missing in my life since ages. I reverted back on my childhood days when I used to doze off as soon as I jumped to bed. It was truly instantaneous and now I need to count sheep. Life is different, I concluded and then again I started doing the root-cause analysis. I concluded that during childhood days, Life was much more fun. Be it at school or not, everything done was pure out of passion and not of necessity. Now one’s activities are an outcome of ones necessity.
And there was much more fun in recreational activities. Simple trivial tasks like finding a nice, polished and shining stone and assuming it to be some precious emerald and then digging a hole in your backyard and hiding that stone inside it with your fingernails fully coated with mud and you enjoying the joy of digging thin coarse dry mud. The feel of the mud, I can still feel it in my hands. That was pure, pristine joy.

I concluded that during childhood, one used to have a regular exhaustive physical activity which used to keep one busy both physically and mentally. Be it wandering on your bicycle or playing different kind of games or exploring new places in the vicinity. Each activity was fun. Now I do not possess a regime of something exhausting. Neither do I have a hobby which I can pursue in general. I have friends who keep telling me that how boring life has become. Almost everyone is in a pessimistic mode of living each single day with fulfilling his or her desire but not being happy at the core.
I am also one of them. I thought I should really have some recreational activity through which I could channel out my creative thoughts and energy. Then I thought what kind of activity I can pursue. I thought about different things and then it suddenly struck my mind that I have a nice camera with me. Why not click some pictures? I took my camera and clicked some pictures. Though the picture proved to be a first-timer’s effort, It did really give me an immense feeling of joy. The kind of joy which I felt when I could see, from the corner of my eye, my friend’s hiding place when we used to play hide and seek and I had to find them. The joy which I used to feel while going long rides of cycling with my colony friends. The joy which I felt while writing for the first time with a pen at the start of my 6th standard.
I am hereby posting some of those snaps. Though, they are of zero artistic value but behind the portrait lies the essence of joy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Old memories...School time

Do Old memories fade away? I believe no. Does old memories are an asset or liability? I believe an asset. Even if they are bad they are an asset in the form of teaching us a lesson. And if good it makes us happy in our unhappier times.

Some time back, I was visiting Delhi and was passing my time by pondering over random thoughts recursively, just when a school campus grabbed my attention. The campus was picturesque with large green sprawling lawns and Old British-style buildings. I was passing over a flyover then and the school was beneath so I got the birds-eye view of the school campus.

A lot of old memories revisited my cerebral. Some good, some not so good. Some worth mentioning, some not worth mentioning. But one thing was sure. Being in school was the best period in my life. And not even in my life, I presume that the schooling period is one’s best phase in one’s life. Here I would like to point out some vivid memories of mine which anyone would connect to and feel nostalgic, I guess.

The joy of meeting friends everyday.
The sorrow of getting up early in the morning.

The joy of waiting for the P.T. and games period.
The sorrow of the times when such a period got cancelled.

The joy of standing beside a fellow girl in morning assembly and smiling at her (thinking I am the next Casanova in the making).
The sorrow when the prefects punished me for my unpolished shoes in front of the same girl.

The joy of participating in the cultural games like spoon race, kho-kho, tug-of-war etc.
The sorrow when you are the first person to eliminate in these games.

The joy of buying new books and enjoying the smell of freshly published books.
The sorrow of not bringing it the next day in class and getting a thrashing for negligence.

The joy of eating spicy, mouth-watering dishes at the canteen in the interval.
The sorrow of being uncomfortable when nature calls, during the last hours of school, and you just want to rush home.

The joy of proposing a girl for the first time.
The sorrow when the proposal is not entertained.

The joy and excitement of preparing for your boards.(I doubt ;))
The sorrow when seeing the results.

The joy when you have a crush on your chemistry/geography teacher.
The sorrow you feel when she doesn’t even remember your name.

The joy of being in class XII, the senior most class, being at the apex of the student-hierarchy.
The sorrow of finishing school within a year.

All the emotions revisited, remembering school days definitely makes ones eyes moist. I wish life had a reverse button….I wish…