Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Game

What is the most beautiful thing on this earth? Or may be in the whole universe? Everyone would answer this differently but I guess it would be innumerable mysteries which nature beholds. We often talk about greatest inventions mankind has made from ‘The Wheel’ to the latest ‘Cloud Computing’ but their sheer actualization is a result of human mind’s capacity to unravel the mysterious nature.

It feels like God has created a great treasure hunt and we, the humans, are a part of this game. Our endeavour is to unfold each clue, each treasure and give it a shape. The wheel uses the concept of Mass, equilibrium and motion, all a natural phenomena. In this never ending conquest of finding something new, Man has evolved. They say that world will come to an end in 2012. I believe it to be untrue. As any other treasure hunt, the game ends when you find the ultimate treasure. So what could be the ultimate treasure in this game set up by GOD? Could it be realizing the existence of GOD? Probably yes probably No. One can never tell.