Thursday, March 5, 2009

Old memories...School time

Do Old memories fade away? I believe no. Does old memories are an asset or liability? I believe an asset. Even if they are bad they are an asset in the form of teaching us a lesson. And if good it makes us happy in our unhappier times.

Some time back, I was visiting Delhi and was passing my time by pondering over random thoughts recursively, just when a school campus grabbed my attention. The campus was picturesque with large green sprawling lawns and Old British-style buildings. I was passing over a flyover then and the school was beneath so I got the birds-eye view of the school campus.

A lot of old memories revisited my cerebral. Some good, some not so good. Some worth mentioning, some not worth mentioning. But one thing was sure. Being in school was the best period in my life. And not even in my life, I presume that the schooling period is one’s best phase in one’s life. Here I would like to point out some vivid memories of mine which anyone would connect to and feel nostalgic, I guess.

The joy of meeting friends everyday.
The sorrow of getting up early in the morning.

The joy of waiting for the P.T. and games period.
The sorrow of the times when such a period got cancelled.

The joy of standing beside a fellow girl in morning assembly and smiling at her (thinking I am the next Casanova in the making).
The sorrow when the prefects punished me for my unpolished shoes in front of the same girl.

The joy of participating in the cultural games like spoon race, kho-kho, tug-of-war etc.
The sorrow when you are the first person to eliminate in these games.

The joy of buying new books and enjoying the smell of freshly published books.
The sorrow of not bringing it the next day in class and getting a thrashing for negligence.

The joy of eating spicy, mouth-watering dishes at the canteen in the interval.
The sorrow of being uncomfortable when nature calls, during the last hours of school, and you just want to rush home.

The joy of proposing a girl for the first time.
The sorrow when the proposal is not entertained.

The joy and excitement of preparing for your boards.(I doubt ;))
The sorrow when seeing the results.

The joy when you have a crush on your chemistry/geography teacher.
The sorrow you feel when she doesn’t even remember your name.

The joy of being in class XII, the senior most class, being at the apex of the student-hierarchy.
The sorrow of finishing school within a year.

All the emotions revisited, remembering school days definitely makes ones eyes moist. I wish life had a reverse button….I wish…