Thursday, May 21, 2009

What if God did not EXIST?

God is the source of motivation, hope and inspiration for many. God is the overseer of the entire universe, believes many. God has played a prominent role in the transition of man from homo sapiens to human beings. One always believes in the very much existence of God, assuming one to be a ‘theist’. But what if God did not exist at all? All the theists believe in the God as managing the life circle. Hinduism preaches of 64 renascences in different forms. There is a common saying among the masses “Iss janam mein nahi toh agle janam mein pakka apni galtiyon ki sazza bhugtega…”. What if there is really no any agla-janam, no reincarnation. A person dies and no soul is evacuated from his body. The death is purely scientific and the person’s brain is dead. What could be the aftermath going in his mind.

I painted a very imaginative picture in my cerebellum with brushes of my fancies.
Let’s say a person dies and there is NO soul which is evacuated from his body. But there is a small iota of energy which emanates from the body. Let’s call it ‘ZETA’. Now ZETA is traveling upwards with the hope of getting reincarnated. The ZETA has very small memory too. ZETA goes on traveling upwards which is purely scientific. But ZETA finds nothing. What he finds is only vast and never ending universe. Planets, stars, galaxies after galaxies- a never ending sequence of space. Much like the scene in The Matrix Revolutions where Neo runs out of the platform just to enter the same platform from the other end.

What would ZETA be feeling in such a situation? Frightened, Confused, Tired? What if he realized that there is no GOD. What if it’s proved that there is really no GOD and life is full of rationale and logic. There is no almighty who’s supposed to control our lives and there is nothing post death. Absolutely nothing. ZILCH.

As the God’s existence has not been proved so has been his non-existence. At least the dilemma helps one have a feeble hope amidst battering times.