Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TZP to Oscars

So TZP made it to the Oscars as the official entry to the foreign film category.
Taare Zameen Par had all the ingredients to make it a sensible, thought-provoking, 
Artistic yet commercial movie. It is very difficult to blend the commercial angle along with the flavour of sensitive and artistic cinema. TZP managed that. Though the other
Films were also quite a competition, but TZP had some brilliant features to it
which stood her apart from other contenders. Besides a brilliant direction, I think what 
worked largely for the film was its music score. Apart from the regular tracks, the background score just churned out emotions at the right moment in accordance with the scene. 

Darsheel's acting was no doubt worth applauding, but the other factors which led to the
emotional grab which the movie could generate were factors like superb screen play, taut
editing and impeccable direction.

I hope that TZP wins the oscars this time.

Acheiving success is not difficult, sustaining the position is rather more gruelling.
Creating another film with same cinematic-quality would definitely be a challenging task for
Aamir Khan and winning an oscar would definitely provide him inspiration and motivation to create another piece of art.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BC guys!

This sounds weird and may be offensive too but i had to name the article with this
as my writing is all centered around it and i couldn't find any heading better than this.
I always spend more time to find an apt title for my article rather than writing the content.

Anyhow this story didn't happen once upon a time . It happened just a few days back
when i went to one of the banks to fetch a form for my friend. As it was the last but one 
day for the forms to be on sale there was a humongous line at the counter.
The line looked like a spiralled-serpent, moving very slowly. 
My friend has this habit of procrastinating things, just like me, and i hate him for that.
I cursed him for making me wait in the line, that too at 4 in the evening when the 
sun plays his second innings, the former having been played at 12 noon. 

i was cursing him continuously and suddenly two guys in front of me drew my attention towards them.
Clad in a zittang orange shirt and green jeans (yuck!), both had got their hair dyed with henna
and had a hairstyle which was an amalgamation of Mr. APJ Abdul kalam's and salman khan's(of tere naam) hairstyle
They spoke screamingly and were constantly uttering abusive language. 

A various kind of maa-behan ki gaalis were churning out from their mouth just like water gushes out from a hoarse pipe.
They applied all their creative talent in forming new gaalis, which i had never heard before - neologism applied.
One has to draw a line somewhere, they had made certain they wont. Despite there being a lot of females in the adjacent line
they did not stop. Before them stood a middle-aged man, of whom also they did not take notice.

I have always found these kind of guys everywhere, specially in a cinema hall. I feel the greatest innovation
in the field of cinema is that of exhibiting films in multiplexes. One can expect people with some ethics out there.
I remember once i went to watch a film with my family and in spite of the film being a total family UN ENTERTAINER,
people did not stop abusing the films performers. Some loud comments were cheap enough to put me in an embarrassing position.
Add to this was the major laser toy which became famous in mid 90s and people used to navigate the laser beam here and there
wanting to draw the viewers attention.
Multiplexes have minimised all these embarrassing moments to a very much extent. 

But this act from BC guys has made me think what makes them act like this? Is it a feeling of virtual heroism 
- by cracking some tongue-in-cheek one-liners and getting a hearty laugh from their friends Or is it just a part of 
their nature. I think most of the people would agree to the previous supposition?
I also thought that may be they will mature with time. But one day i found quite a few BC MEN also.
So age and time doesn't really inculcate maturity.

This attitude of BC guys can not be changed. Education brings change. Literacy rate has been increasing but despite more 
and more people becoming literate, the BC guys keep on increasing. 
The community is increasing and evolving by applying their talent enhancing their lingo regularly.
One can not do anything but avoid them.

Sometimes Ignorance is really a BLISS.