Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Likes, Dislikes and Time

Each person has his own set of likings. One would like listening to rock music, eat at a roadside food stall and have an outing at a crowded place. Another would love listening to soft instrumentals, eat at calm and secluded place. What drives our likings? Why someone likes a particular thing and dislikes other? What causes someone to like something? Is the reason scientific? Probably the psychologists would reason that but by thinking on this matter on an alternate plane, one can infer that every entity is liked by someone. So, nothing is good and evil. If one can manoeuvre one’s brain mechanism of liking and disliking wouldn’t all things seem to be so fine and one would feel so much of goodness happening around oneself.

Isn’t that when one dislikes or disregards something, one is giving that entity the same intensity of thought, emotion, time and energy and in return obtains a bad state of mood. If one is giving so much, in return shouldn’t one get the benefits proportionately? Is man a fool then? Or is he flooded by his negative thoughts to such an extent that his prudence judgement becomes defunct? The devil side of the brain is the man’s worst enemy.

Suppose you give ten minutes of your time to think about someone/thing whom/which you dislike. In return you are in a bad mood. Also, your physical health might get affected though it could not be visible. Alternatively if you would have invested these ten minutes in something which makes you feel happy, you would have got so much in return. I randomly point out some of the tasks which would make me feel happy and which could be completed within a ten minute period:

• Listening to two of your current favourite tracks – it always cheers you up (unless you haven’t just broken off a relationship and listening to sad numbers)
• Having an ice-cream
• Googling some mind-boggling article
• Watching some interesting video on youtube
• Sprinting for 10 mins
And many more... the list is endless, depends on one’s choice.

It all depends on how one invests his time. Time is money they say. So, investing it in the right scheme will reap the right benefits for you. So, if one is concerned about money why not time?


Auro said...

hmm.... good constructive thoughts. din know that u'll care to express it to the world. but really GOOD. cheers ;)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

I love my drives to khadakwasla with music in my ears...always cheers me up!
And sometimes, when i cant, even memories of the drive can do the trick!
Btw, it's human nature to harbinger upon pain...most are happily married to unhappiness!

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